Auction Ethics

Rant time folks. I recently scored some really cool pedals off a guy and had to pick them up. They were old and vintage and the guy had a house load of really cool stuff that he was going to list on Trademe over the next few months. I had a good look through it and told him what he should expect to get for them.

I went on the Facebook Trademe page where Facebookers alert each other to what’s hot and not and told them about these toys that were coming and that they should all save the guy as a favorite seller and get into the auctions but that they would have to be keen with the prices because I’d be bidding.

I could have just snaffled all these goodies up for myself I suppose, but I really like auctions. They tell me, and everyone else, what stuff is really worth.

Some Trademe members Buy using one account and sell using yet another account. Shellybeanz for example bought this pedal and then this one. Now Shellybeanz was the account that mcpherson_music used to sell his pedals like this under. Why is he using two accounts? Odd if you ask me.

[Update: I received an email from shelleybeanz that tried to clear up this situation. Quote “For your information I am the only person who uses my shelleybeanz account on Trade Me and while for a very short time, some years ago I listed some of OUR business products on this site.”]

I buy and sell a lot but I make it pretty plain that what I’m doing and I put the description of what I buy and sell in my feedback page. But I’ve got nothing to hide so that is what I’d expect.

There are of course the curses of TradeMe, those buyers and sellers who outright cheat the systems and try and get other traders to break the rules and give them their contact details via Question and Answer and just ruin the thing for everyone. This guy is a recidivist and there must be a reason why TradeMe let anna625 do it so often but for the life of me I can’t think what it is. Maybe they don’t care about their rules as much as they claim to? Maybe their rules are just there for show and for the staff to make jokes about?

Another thing that brings peoples ethics into question is the buyers and sellers who encourage otherwise law abiding members of Trademe to break the rules to allow them to profit unfairly. Look at this piece of work. There are already bids on the auction and the seller doesn’t know how to add a Buy Now as requested by design_faction. Now when you try and ask the seller a question on a Trademe auction you are reminded that the site won’t let a seller add a Buy Now after bidding has started. But then the rules are only there for show, otherwise design_faction wouldn’t be able to then list one of the items he obtained outside of the rules and make a few bucks unethically.

Trademe is a great site, but it’s got a fair share of cheats and con-men who don’t play by the rules. Rules are all very well as long as everyone plays by the same rules. When they don’t then it’s crook. You are encouraged to remember this, even if Trademe have forgotten it.

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