‘Imitation’ 3DPT Footswitches???

Trademe users are getting great prices on 3PDT footswitches due to competition, but is the competition getting too fierce for some players?

I source my 3PDT switches from John Lewman’s great Effects Connection website and I’ve sold over a hundred of them. Like most of the parts I sell I get these as a personal stock and sell off some locally to stomp box builders and D.I.Y’ers who find it uneconomical to order a single part from the USA.

You can also get these locally from Jaycar for $14.50 plus shipping.

Now as I state elsewhere on the dextermods website I don’t actually buy parts in specifically for resale, but I don’t mind helping out my fellow DIY musicians by sharing a few parts, but I certainly don’t expect to make a living from it. My footswitch listings include an L.E.D and two resistors to complete the job.

As always you need to look at the big picture.

Here’s the small picture. (Click on the image for the big picture)

Click on image to see THE BIG PICTURE

Click on image to see THE BIG PICTURE

As far as I know I’m the only other seller of 3PDT foot switches on Trademe. Is this trader really saying that despite selling over a hunded 3PDT fottswitches WITHOUT A SINGLE PROBLEM or return that these are ‘poor imitations’ or is he being dishonest?

As I said, my source for these is Effects Connection, where does this seller get his? Probably the same place.

Question and Answer might help, but would he answer your questions?

I don’t know, but did you see this same sellers auction for that ‘Old Electric Guitar‘ a wee while ago? Check out the questions he left unanswered as bidders went for it on what they might have thought was a Gibson L6-S.

Gibson L6-S or an imitation?


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