Other people are offering cheaper mods on Trademe

Firstly, I don’t believe that price is the main issue when it comes to your tone. The most important issue is your tone and your treasured effects pedals.

Secondly I could offer cheaper mods by cutting corners. I could offer an 808 mod that didn’t include an op amp socket or extra op-amps. I could offer mods that didn’t have a different L.E.D. I could sell pedals without a new battery. I could cut corners on post and packing.

No doubt someone will come along soon and undercut those offering cheaper mods. The important thing for you to think about is that you get what you pay for, if you are lucky.

My feedback is your guarantee that you are dealing with a pedal modder who takes pride in his work, offers a professional service and goes the extra distance to make you happy rather than cut corners to make a sale.

I don’t make a living from my involvement in music so I don’t have to make a sale. Music is my passion and always has been. I deal with professional musicians all the time and understand what they want, why they want it and when they need it. By focusing on these key business elements I can offer the best modding service available to you.

But yeah, someone will always offer you a cheaper deal, for anything. Just remember that the bitter taste of cheap quality lingers long after the sweet smell of cheap price has faded.

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