I want my guitar modded/repaired, can you help?

I don’t know the secret of success, but I know the secret of failure is trying to please everyone.

For that reason I tend to limit what I do to what I know I can do well, and then try to do it better than anyone else. Sometimes the best way to help someone asking for help is to say ‘I can’t help you, but I know someone who can’.

I get asked to do the odd guitar mod or repair.

All my guitars are serviced by Dan The Guitar Man in Hamilton. I send him a bunch of guitars at a time and call in and pick them up about a week later after he’s done his magic with them.

Dan Woolgar is a luthier who specialises in making his own brand of acoustic guitars in his workshop. I met him through buying some wahs that he was selling on Trademe. Dan knew a  lot about effects and on our first meeting we talked for hours. It was dark by the time I left but I made a new friend.

I’ve sent Dan all my guitars now (over 40 of them in fact) and he has tuned them up just how I like them.

When I get asked about guitar repairs or mods I simply put people in touch with Dan.

Now, I can’t do that via this website so I have had a chat to Dan and we have agreed to do a joint venture on Guitar Mods.

The way it will work is I will list the mods and Dan will carry them out. You will need to get your guitar to Dan in Hamilton and this can be be dropping it off or shipping it.

The mods Dan is happy to do are the generic mods you find all over the Internet, plus one or two of his special tweaks that he likes to call his Treat Tweaks.

To start with we’ll be offering:

  • The 50’s Les Paul Mod.
    A great mod if you like the vintage tones of the older Les Pauls. This mod gives your tone a more clear and crisp sound and let you have more control over the treble/bass. Expect your sound to be a little brighter and gets less muddy when you turn your volume down. 50’s wiring retains highs better as you turn down your volume controls. It also adds a peak in and around 4K, which is what adds the brightness.
  • Tele 50’s Vintage Wiring Mod.
    Here we apply the same theory as the 50’s Les Paul mod but apply it to the Tele. Electronically there is nothing special about this wiring, it simply connects the tone pot to the output of the volume pot (middle lug), instead of with the input. This changes the way the volume pot reacts, and the overall tone gets stronger and more transparent – more “in the face,” you could say. There is much less of the typical treble loss that occurs when rolling back the volume and the tone control reacts smoother and more linear without the typical hot spots.  You can also consider using an additional switch to have both wiring variants available: the classic Fender wiring, as well as the 50s Gibson vintage wiring.
  • Tele 4 Way Wiring Mod.
    This mod allows you to get more flexible with your Tele. In the standard Tele the middle position on the pickups puts bith pickups on in parallel giving you that big fat Tele sound these guitars are famous for.  Changing the middle position on the Tele switch so that the pickups are wired in series gives an even better sound, like that of a Les Paul, with a good volume boost as well. We can install the Fender 4-way Tele Mod for you. This will give you a choice of sounds when you dial in the two pickups together – wired in parallel (standard wiring) and the wired in series sound. If you prefer the mod can be done using a push – pull type pot or small toggle switch.

Dan The Guitar Man is also happy to perform most of the Guitar Mods you will find on the DIY Guitar Mods links listed elsewhere so if any of those float your boat ask a question on one of my auction listings and we’ll set up an auction to get things started for you.

We will list the auctions once we have finalised the pricing.

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