Spring Clean Sale Collection F.A.Q

I’m having a huge clean out of stuff on Trademe at present.

I usually don’t allow collections because I live in a remote rural location in the depths of Franklin. The nearest street light is 14 kilometers away. The local gas station is 25 kilometers away. There is no cellphone coverage. The local post shop is a 2 hour return trip.

Collections from my home are simply not practical so up until now all of my auctions have been No Pickups.

I realised that to sell larger items like amplifiers, TV’s, stereos and what not I would need to make other arrangements to allow people to collect items they had won on auction. I have made these arrangements with people in Greenlane and Putaruru.

The Greenlane location is a business office open during office hours. The Putaruru location is a teacher.

All of these people have been willing to help me sell my clearance items but have asked that I make all the arrangements regarding the auctions prior to the auctions being collected. They don’t want to be handling any cash, or drop items off at other locations or have people come around and crank guitars through amps to ‘try before they buy’ etc.

The items on auction are located at my house until the auction closes so they are not able to be viewed at any of the collection locations. Once the auction closes I have a network of people who then get the items to the winners nominated collection point as soon as possible.

When the payment has been made and cleared at my end I send precise instructions on where to pick up the goods from.

These collections terms are not flexible, and I have done my absolute best to make collections possible and as smooth and painless to all parties as can. If these terms are not suitable for you I have no problem with you choosing to shop elsewhere, in fact, please do so.

That way everyone is happy.

Here is my feedback so far on my Spring Clean Auctions – Spring Clean Feedback.

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