Pedal and Amp Repairs

Dextermods is now doing Pedal and AMP repairs.

In partnership with BOP Electronics Legend Kevin ‘Spider” Seay.

If you have a pedal repair job that you need doing get in touch on 027 281 2649 or email

New Mods – Danelectro The Guv’nor

Danelectro Daddy-O and Marshall The Guv'nor

One of the most popular pedals that people like to play with in my collection is my old school black box Marshall ‘The Guv’nor’. Every time someone has a play on it they want to buy it.

It’s not for sale, never

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Dexter Mods Run Off Pedal – F.A.Q

1/. What is True Bypass?

The term “True-bypass” refers to a method of wiring a pedal’s stomp switch such that when the pedal is in bypass mode, your clean signal goes in one jack and out the other. The signal does not pass through any active circuitry that can corrupt your original tone. Many pedals

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