June 2009

Taking A Month Off

Since the collapse of capitalism things have been going pretty slow. I tried a few $1 reserve auctions and watched as competitors undercut me and still didn’t sell anything.

That tells me it’s a good time to take a month off and get on with some projects in my other businesses that have been put

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Do you do Layby deals?

Sure, as long as you ask the question before you bid and win one of my auctions I’m always prepared to do a layby deal.

The way it works is you have to do a Buy Now if it is an option or

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The AMP Society

I’ve been doing some serious upgrades to the studio where I am recording my new soon to be a massive hit CD. I’ve scored some nice amps in the process. My dirty sound is built around a VOX AC15 Heritage usually running a TS9 with my secret mod driving a non bluesberry Hotcake into the

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Will you mod an SMD compoment pedal?

Short answer, no. But I do mod the Belcat Delay which is surface mount, and have done for ages. I also do the Dexter Mods ‘Wild Turkey’ Klon Klone mod to the EHX Soul Food pedal which is surface mount. The problem with

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Dexter Mods On The Move?

I am looking at moving my pedal modding service into town. Over the next two weeks I am looking at building space in Manukau and Hamilton.

I want to be able to offer a drop in centre where customers can try out my pedals and also bring their pedals into me for While U Wait

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