May 2024

Recent Feedback – Pedal Mod Kit – Boss CS3 Dexter Mods Wool Press

Andy’s CS3 on the Dexter Mods Workbench

To: Dave Stewart <> 

Subject: Re: Purchase Complete. Reference #P182846671, Pedal Mod Kit – Boss CS3 Dexter Mods Wool Press w/Install.

Hi Dave – just wanted to say what an awesome job on the CS-3! Thank you – it’s just what

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20 Underrated Effects Pedals You Should Know

Within the ever-growing world of effects pedals, there are plenty of verifiable classics and countless new contenders released every year. But there’s also a mountain of overlooked greats.

In our video above, Andy Martin takes a look at five of his favorite underrated pedals—and below, we’ve compiled a much longer

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Pedal and Amp Repairs

Dextermods is now doing Pedal and AMP repairs.

In partnership with BOP Electronics Legend Kevin ‘Spider” Seay.

If you have a pedal repair job that you need doing get in touch on 027 281 2649 or email

Can I pick your brain?

I’m getting better at saying no when I get asked ‘can I pick your brain?’

7 Reasons Why I Can’t Do “Free”

by Sharon Hayes

In a typical day, I get anywhere from 10 to 50 questions and req

uests to do something for others at no charge. A small number of these are from actual

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Dexter Mods Is On The Move

Hi there and Merry Christmas

After 14 years at Waikaretu deep in remote rural Franklin Dexter Mods has uprooted and found a new home in the Eastern Bay of Plenty in Whakatane.

How will this affect you?

Turnaround should now be faster as there is no rural delivery connection to deal with. You will still

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Fuzz Face vs Big Muff


December 20, 2012

by Daniel Brooks

A fuzz is a fuzz is a fuzz, right?

Well, no. There are more than a hundred different fuzz pedals on the market, each one achieving that distinctive, textured sustain in one of several possible ways, each with a claim to its own sonic territory in a

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Dexter Mods Boss CS3 Wool Press Feedback

It’s great to get some good feedback on my mods, but it’s even better when the feedback is about a mod I worked really hard on to get something really special happening…

This is an email I got today.

Hi Dave,

Sorry I meant to get back to you a few weeks ago with my

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Fender Champion 600 Mod

I don’t mod amps as a rule. Pedals are my thing. But a little Fender Champion 600 came along on Trademe the other day at a really good price and I was tempted enough to hit the Buy Now button and get it sent up. It arrived this morning.

The Champion is a one knob

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Putting it all together

Deja VU & Nico, Live at Waikaretu, Feb 2012

All the pedal modding is great fun and gives me untold hours of pleasure just tweaking pedals and mods to get the best out of them but at the end of the day you do tend to ask ‘What’s

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Animal Crackers

There are some weird people out there and if you want to meet one read on.

I bought an old acoustic guitar from steve25. He claims to be a drummer, but if you Google him on New Zealand pages all that comes up is a reference to him on where he was taken to

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Great Feedback

I recently sold a modded Marshall Blues breaker 2 pedal to a Trademe member in Shannon. Details on the mod can be found here, his feedback is here. He sent me an email that I was so pleased to get because this guy got exactly why I mod pedals.

Here is the email:

Hi Dave,

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The Bunker

My mate Warren Cate has a new CD out and he’s given me a few copies to give away with my pedals in appreciation for helping him out with his website. The recordings were done at The Bunker which is Dave Arrowsmith’s project studio. I’ll get Dave to email me full descriptions of his gears

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Walking In Light – R.I.P Ian Morris

Ian Morris is found dead in Napier, 05/10/2010

Morris, who was 53, was found dead in Napier on Thursday. He is survived by his wife Kim, daughters Julia and Maude and stepson James.

L to R – Lez White, Bruce Hambling, Peter Urlich, Ian Morris, Dave Dobbyn


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Vintage Wahs

I got sent a couple of wah pedals the other day, one of those new Vox 847A’s that needed a true bypass, fairly straight forward stuff. The other was an old wah that had clearly seen much better days. A note included in the package saying the pedal had failed and could I replace it

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Merry Xmas

I’d like to take this opportunity to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

It’s been a great year for me with the trip up to Europe being the highlight.

I’ve had a lot of fun modding pedals for musicians from all walks of life and from every part of the sonic

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TradeMe warns of Christmas scams


Tis the season to be scammed, with New Zealand’s leading online auction site warning people not to trust any requests for instant international cash transactions from online traders.

Overseas con artists were contacting TradeMe users, telling them they had won an auction. They would tell their target they were out of the country

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$50 Gift Vouchers

It’s coming up to the time of year where I have to rack my brain to buy Xmas presents for my nearest and dearest. I have got a lot of help this year from a few musical friends and as a way of repaying them for that help I have had some Gift Vouchers made

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New Website

I thought it was time I modded my website so I’ve got the latest version of WordPress and added a few nice widgets and have been flat out like a lizard drinking adding content.

There’s still a long way to go with the different mods etc but give me a chance and we’ll be all

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Trademe Listings

I got a couple of funny emails today from Trademe regarding my auction listings. Seems someone had dobbed me in for linking my auctions to the website. The complaint suggested my contact details were contained here.

Now that’s odd because I knocked this website up for the express purpose of selling on Trademe and

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How not to negotiate… auction #247758229

Sometimes trades just go bad and when they do there is usually a small window of opportunity to fix them. Both the buyer and the seller have to be reasonable and see things from the other guys perspective and work together to seek a solution that works for both parties.

I recently had a huge

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Spring Clean 2009

I’ve had a bit of a spring clean around the old farm house and have decided to clear out the clutter. My two spare rooms are full of wonderful items I have collected over the years and digging through them was great fun.

However a lot of this stuff will never be used by me.

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Back In Business!

After a month off I am now back in business. New Zealand winters are always hard on my old bones so my partner and I headed north. We went to Scotland, and saw Oasis at Murrayfield,

Oasis At Murrayfeild

then we headed into England, and I saw Jeff

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Taking A Month Off

Since the collapse of capitalism things have been going pretty slow. I tried a few $1 reserve auctions and watched as competitors undercut me and still didn’t sell anything.

That tells me it’s a good time to take a month off and get on with some projects in my other businesses that have been put

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The AMP Society

I’ve been doing some serious upgrades to the studio where I am recording my new soon to be a massive hit CD. I’ve scored some nice amps in the process. My dirty sound is built around a VOX AC15 Heritage usually running a TS9 with my secret mod driving a non bluesberry Hotcake into the

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Dexter Mods On The Move?

I am looking at moving my pedal modding service into town. Over the next two weeks I am looking at building space in Manukau and Hamilton.

I want to be able to offer a drop in centre where customers can try out my pedals and also bring their pedals into me for While U Wait

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