May 2024

Great Feedback

I recently sold a modded Marshall Blues breaker 2 pedal to a Trademe member in Shannon. Details on the mod can be found here, his feedback is here. He sent me an email that I was so pleased to get because this guy got exactly why I mod pedals.

Here is the email:

Hi Dave,

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I can’t understand how you justify your prices!

“I can’t understand how you can justify this price. You buy the pedal for $70 second hand on trademe, then add your mod which would cost less than $20 and add $100 to the price tag. Thats a joke! It’s not surprising I see your auctions closing without bids on them guido_hatzis (54 ) 10:44

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New Mods – Danelectro The Guv’nor

Danelectro Daddy-O and Marshall The Guv'nor

One of the most popular pedals that people like to play with in my collection is my old school black box Marshall ‘The Guv’nor’. Every time someone has a play on it they want to buy it.

It’s not for sale, never

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$50 Gift Vouchers

It’s coming up to the time of year where I have to rack my brain to buy Xmas presents for my nearest and dearest. I have got a lot of help this year from a few musical friends and as a way of repaying them for that help I have had some Gift Vouchers made

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