May 2024

I can’t understand how you justify your prices!

“I can’t understand how you can justify this price. You buy the pedal for $70 second hand on trademe, then add your mod which would cost less than $20 and add $100 to the price tag. Thats a joke! It’s not surprising I see your auctions closing without bids on them guido_hatzis (54 )  10:44 am, Mon 30 May”

This is a common mistake made by people who think that they know far more than they do but actually know very little and certainly nothing about added value buying and selling on Trademe. This comment was made on an auction for a Boss CS3 compressor with my Wool Press Mod. The price for the pedal was $170 which is what I sell mint condition CS3′ s with the mod for if they have the box and manuals. I buy them on Trademe for around $80. Postage back to me costs around $7.50. I sell the mod kit and installation for $50 (the Trademe success fee on the mod only is $3.75) The Trademe success fee on $170 is $12.75.

So while this bloke thinks I’m making $100 when I sell the pedal the reality is actually quite different.

$80 + $7.50 + $50 + $12.75 = $150.25 which are my total costs. It’s a good thing I’m doing this for fun and not relying on making a living from it.

On top of that consider this, on the pedal I buy I get no warranty, when I sell it I give a three year warranty on it.

In a way I’m really glad that people like this don’t buy off me because I’d much rather sell to someone who places a similar value on my work than I do than some twit who is so concerned about the money he thinks someone else is going to make instead of looking at how much better his sound could be if he just looked a little bit further than the nose on the face of the head that he’s got stuck where the sun don’t shine.

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