Arion SCH-1 Stereo Chorus

Arion SCH-1 Stereo Chorus

These are very hard to find now and both of the ones I have got my hands on have lost the battery cover. The effect is to die for though, very 80’s with a real shimmer that only these pedals offer. The bypass is pretty bad, but if you true bypass them in the traditional way you lose the stereo effect. I use them in my home studio and use either a Boss CE-2 or an MXR Stereo Chorus in my live rig.

The SCH on the left is Made In Sri Lanka, and the one on the right is Made In Japan, no noticeable sound difference between the two, both lovely sounding pedals.

Stereo Chorus SCH-1 Made In Japan
Silver Label Serial Number 837311
Stereo Chorus SCH-1 Made In Sri Lanka
Black Label Serial Number 278639

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