The AMP Society

I’ve been doing some serious upgrades to the studio where I am recording my new soon to be a massive hit CD. I’ve scored some nice amps in the process. My dirty sound is built around a VOX AC15 Heritage usually running a TS9 with my secret mod driving a non bluesberry Hotcake into the Vox. For classic clean sounds I use either my Peavey Classic 50 Tweed amp, or my modified Peavey Bravo and a 4 x 12 Eminence loaded cabinet. When I want a different kind of dirt sound I’m now using a Peavey Valve King 2 x 12 with whatever pedals that are required.

My solid state stereo set up is two matching Fender Deluxe 112 tranny amps coming out of a POD XT Live or a stereo chorus pedal.

I’ve decided to sell off my Peavey Bandits, all four of them. They’re just not getting used any more and are too good to not let someone else enjoy.

If you want a good solid state amp, check out my TradeMe listing for these amps. They’re going out at bargain prices.

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