My Wah isn’t listed, can you mod it or repair it or supply a replacement part?

Maybe. Can you provide a schematic or a parts list? If not, then can you give me any information at all that can be more helpful?

If not, good luck.

*These mods apply to the following Wah pedals:

Dunlop GCB95 (Standard Crybaby), Dunlop Hendrix JH1, Dunlop Hendrix JH1-B, Dunlop Zakk Wylde
Vox V847 (Old standard Vox), Vox V847-A (New standard Vox) , Vox V848 (Clyde McCoy)

I don’t do these mods on the following wahs:

535Q, GCB95F (Crybaby Classic), Dimebag Darrell Crybaby From Hell, Slash Wah, Hendrix Fuzz Wah, Mr. Crybaby Volume/Wah, Rackmount Crybaby,95Q.

I have some spare parts that I can sell, but read the rest of this F.A.Q first before asking for them.

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