Can you explain how your Warranty works?

Sure. I offer the same warranty to you that I get with the pedal. On used pedals this means that the pedal will be as described in the auction and will work as stated.

My warranty does not guarantee that a modded pedal will work with every configuration but that it will work with a set up similar to my test rig which is Yamaha EG112 with SSH pickup arrangement then cable to the pedal then cable to amp which in my case is a Vox Cambridge 30 watt hybrid tube pre-amp and transistor power amp. The pedal is tested with a fresh 9 volt battery and a regulated power supply.

On mods I offer a full warranty against any fault caused by the installation or parts installed for between 1 and 3 years after purchase depending on the auction text. If you decide to sell your pedal this warranty may be extended to the new owner but you will need to contact me first. Unless I am contacted prior to sale and offer to transfer the warranty, the warranty expires when you sell your pedal.

On new pedals I give the same warranty that I got with the pedal. For example, when I buy a new Boss pedal it comes to me with a 1 year warranty, so I pass that warranty on to you.

But wait, there’s more. With any new pedal the warranty is voided by the manufacturer if it has been modified. However I will extend to you the buyer my own warranty on the new pedal so you are effectively getting the manufacturer’s warranty on a modified pedal. I am the only person selling modified pedals on Trademe offering this extended warranty service.

Why? Because I believe in the pedals I modify and will wear at my own cost any problems, including full replacement if necessary, if that’s what it takes to keep a customer happy.

If you see someone selling a ‘brand new’ pedal on Trademe that they have modded ask the question “Does this new pedal come with a new warranty or has it been voided by the mods?”

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