I need a small single item, will you sell it to me and for how much?

I carry a personal stock of parts that I use for repairs and mods. I buy these in bulk from places like Ebay, Small Bear and Effects Connection in the USA. I usually have to spend between $NZ100 and $NZ300 to make this worthwhile because shipping kills this kind of thing.

As a result I am not keen to sell with these parts because it means that my next order is that much closer.

So if you are missing a knob, or a jack, or you want a single op amp or just one or two capacitors or resisters then you’ll need to understand that if you ask a question seeking these parts and I am prepared to sell them to you there will be a premium.

I have a minimum charge for small items of $NZ5 of which Trademe will take 50 cents of in success fees leaving me with $4.50. The $NZ5 doesn’t bear any resemblance to the cost of the part, which is quite often just a few US cents. This reflects the time I will need to 1/. Check if I have the part you want, 2/. Answer your question, 3/. List the item, 4/. Check my account for payment, 5/. Package and Post the item, 6/. Place feedback.

If you don’t understand that I’m not in the business of selling small units of electrical items but am happy to help out someone who needs a small item in a hurry then you’ll probably be best to go to a US online electronic store and buy the goods there for the few cents that it costs.

As an example let’s look at a JRC4558D op amp. You can buy one of these in online for around $US0.45 cents each. Postage to New Zealand will cost you $US4.50. You’ll pay with your credit card and your bank will charge you a foreign  exchange fee of around 6%

You will see the part around 14 days.

If you think this part is still only worth $US.45 cents give me a call when you next place your order and I’ll get my parts from you instead 😉

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