Dexter Mods Daphon E20TR Tremolo ‘Cattle Prod’ Pedal

Daphon E20TR Cattle Prod - Click for larger image

Daphon E20TR Cattle Prod - Click for larger image

The Daphon E20TR Tremolo is a very nice pedal and seems to be based in part on the Boss TR2. It certainly shares the same volume drop that plagues the TR2 but the fixes for the Boss simply don’t work on the Daphon.

However, there is a solution, and it’s better than just fixing the volume drop problem.

The E20TR lacks a volume or level control but there is a part of the circuit that assigns the level. By tapping in to that and adding a variable resistor you can set the pedal to the same level as your guitar’s clean sound, or, you can boost it or cut it to whatever level you like within the range of the pot.

If you set the Depth level to zero you have a great boost pedal as well. Two pedals for the price of one!

The bypass in the pedal is brilliant, no need for true bypass and I’ve also given the tone a tweak to add a subtle amount more highs to give the tremolo a bit more sizzle by removing one capacitor.

The Dexter Mods Cattle Prod mod includes a GREEN L.E.D as well.

The mod is guaranteed. If there are any problems when you receive the pedal simply return to me, I’ll service it, send it back and refund your shipping costs.

Questions are welcome but please check the Dexter Mods FAQ here first.

Sound Sample:


Recorded with a Fender 62 Relic Strat neck pick up, Peavey Classic 50 tube amp on clean channel.

Take 1 Clean Fender then stock Daphon E20TR (note volume drop) then Cattle Prod modded Daphon E20TR then Cattle Prod modded Daphon E20TR used only as clean boost.



Feedback for this mod:

Dexter Mods Daphon Tremolo ‘Cattle Prod’ Mod: “Great work! You’ve improved the usefulness of that tremolo pedal by 100%! Cheers!”

— skiguy Auction #171280052, Trademe