Dexter Mods Boss DS-1 Distortion ‘Sheepdip & Drench’ Mod

Boss DS-1 Sheepdip & Drench Mod

Boss DS-1 Sheepdip & Drench Mod

This mod gives a whole new meaning to the word ‘distortion’ and absolutely nails the ‘Marshall Stack in a Box’ sound.

The mod first of all changes your Made in Taiwan DS1 to replicate the tone of a Made In Japan model and then installs all the hardware and electronic components needed to make the changes to give the Boss DS1 a more usable tone range than the stock pedal can offer.

This kit includes the Drench Mod which is a toggle switch added to change between Sheepdip and Drench mod.

Comes with an extra bright blue L.E.D and brand new 9 volt battery.

Sound samples for both the standard and modded version of the pedal are below.

Take 1 Recorded on Strat, Middle Pick Up though Vox AC-15 Low Volume

Clean, Stock Boss Distortion DS-1, Sheepdip Mod, Drench Mod

Questions are welcome but please check the Dexter Mods FAQ first.

The mod is guaranteed and if there are any problems when you receive your pedal back simply return to me, I’ll service it, send it back and refund your shipping costs.



Feedback on this mod:

Dexter Mods Sheepdip & Drench Mod: “Excellent service! The pedal is great, makes such a difference compared to the standard Boss DS-1…”

— Telefeller, Trademe

Detxer Mods Sheepdip & Drench Mod: “Awesome trader, fast and reliable, and the pedal mod sounds fantastic! If you’re looking for tone, try dexter mods!”

— bibendum Auction 131650027, Trademe