Dexter Mods Boss MT-2 Metal Zone ‘Metal Road’ Mod

Boss MT-2 Metal Road Mod - Click image for larger image

Boss MT-2 Metal Road Mod - Click image for larger image

The MT-2 is Boss’s best selling pedal and for good reason. It absolutely nails the tight compressed distortion required for modern rock sounds. However, despite this the pedal has a nasally sound and can sound thin up the top.

This can be fixed and turns a good pedal into a great one.

The Metal Road mod started out as a simple mod but early on I was unhappy with the loss of Mid EQ control of the original mod so have tweaked it to further develop this mod.

There are other mods around for the MT-2 which don’t address the nasally sound problem, but this mod does. There are also other mods that are ‘overkill’ and change so many parts that the character of the Metal Zone is surrendered.

The pedal now simulates the Marshall – Boogie sound extremely well, with a tight distortion and searing gain levels. The pedal sustains at will and with a little whammy action 2nd and 3rd harmonics are easy to achieve.

This is THE mod for the Metal Zone.

The mod includes an extra bright blue L.E.D instead of stock red L.E.D and a brand new 9 volt battery.

Sound Sample:


Direct Link to Metal Road Sample – To Save Right Click on Link and Select ‘Save Target/Link As’

Take 1 Recorded on Strat, Middle Pick Up though Vox AC-15 Low Volume

Clean, Stock Boss Metal Zone MT-2, Modded MT-2

The mod is guaranteed and if there are any problems when you receive your pedal back simply return to me, I’ll service it, send it back and refund your shipping costs.

Questions are welcome but please check the Dexter Mods FAQ first.



Feedback for this Mod

Dexter Mods Metal Road MT-2 Mod: “AWESOME!! no other words can describe this pedal mod, dont matter what music you play, this makes it 1000 times better

— juls5 auction #212781770, Trademe

Dexter Mods Metal Road MT-2 Mod: “Dave is an amazing trader, with a great attitude and he’s great at what he does. This is an amazing pedal, and I would recommend Dave to anyone. A+++ “

— the-aaron, Trademe

Boss MT2 Metal Road Mod: MATE!!! What can I say…. Words do not describe how much more BALLZ my pedal has. You are a genius. Thank you so much!

— hs3fan #257543750, Trademe

awesome trader, i cant stress it more. also, the pedal has been tested on live gig and i cant believe how this pedal have improved a lot. usually i cant turn the distortion all the way up because of the noise that its generating, its really annoying. the sustain have improved a lot as well since the annoying noise is gone you can turn the distortion up which triggers the sustains. if you like MT-2 then definitely this mod is for you.

— mariuz #275814603, Trademe