Dexter Mods Vox 847/Dunlop Cry Baby GCB-95 True Bypass & LED Mod

Your Dunlop Crybaby GCB-95 or Vox 847 pedal needs to be converted to True Bypass if you want the best from it. This is an essential mod to these pedals as stock the input buffer sucks your tone when the pedal is disengaged.

The Kit consists of all the hardware and wiring needed to convert a Dunlop Crybaby or Vox 487 to true bypass. This includes a high quality 3PDT switch sourced from the USA.

INCLUDES INSTALLATION. This auction includes the installation of the True Bypass switch. The installation includes removing the old switch, full removal of the tone sucking input buffer components rather than simply ‘bypassing’ the input buffer circuit as some modders do to save time, and rewiring the new switch for true bypass.

If required an on/off LED can be installed as well.

The installation is guaranteed and if there are any problems when you receive your pedal back simply return to me, I’ll service it, send it back and refund your shipping costs.

Questions are welcome but please check the Dexter Mods FAQ first.

Sound Sample:


Recorded with a Fender 62 Relic Strat neck pick up, Orange Rocker Tube Combo amp on clean channel.

Take 1 Stock GCB-95 then Modded GCB-95



Feedback for this mod

Dexter Mods Voodoo Chile Wah Mod: “Sound is awesome. Absolutely as on the sound file. Brilliant. Thanks heaps!!”

— oos auction #253148176, Trademe

Dexter Mods Voodoo Chile Wah Mod: “Excellent!!! The mod for the wah has improved the pedal significantly. I am very pleased and would recommend Dave to anyone needing a pedal modded. Will trade again I am sure. AAAAAA++++++”

— opsguy auction #126788536, Trademe

Dexter Mods Voodoo Chile Wah Mod: “Amazing… Dave you are a magician, my wah pedal is better than i had expected. Thank you for the fast turnaround and great communication… Just brilliant!!!! “

— vyell Auction #154060397, Trademe

Dexter Mods Voodoo Chile Wah Mod: “Just a bit of unsolicited advertising…(Send no money now..)..If you already own a standard GCB-95 get this man to modify it now…If you don’t own one yet, buy this pedal. These pedals in standard form are great, but simply way too bright at the high end. These mods put it in a totally different class. It’s the smoothest, funkiest wah-wah I’ve used to-date. Cheers for a great product!”

— bonzo57, Trademe

Dexter Mods Voodoo Chile Wah Mod: “The pedal sounds awesome! Really fast delivery and good communication. Thank you! “

— mkavs1 auction #254825694, Trademe

Pedal sounds great! Great mods as well as a great trader! Highly recommend Dave’s mod abilities as well as his efficient trading!

— burnz1 #332718912, Trademe

Wah sounds great, excellent fast work.

— stuartfox #328806733, Trademe

thoughtful packaging, swift response, a wonderful product, and really nice to deal with- would happily trade with again (and recommend others do the same)

— lepper2 #321881275, Trademe

Dave was great, did a fantastic job and went out of his way to get the wah back to me by bringing it up to Auckland. Pure legend. This man knows his stuff and gets a result that’ll satisfy the fussiest real-world tone snob. Massive appreciation! Cheers Dave. Si Moore

— classicplayer #307426390, Trademe

Super fast super cool mod sounds just wicked thanks Dave way better than i imagined. I’m well stoked

— zzzpp #305867612, Trademe

Superb trader, repaired my wah to exceptional quality. Also, I’d paid for mods which couldn’t be done on my pedal, so was contacted and Dave arranged to give back the money not required for the job. Awesome bloke, great quality workmanship, and would trust without a doubt again and again!

— vgml84 #303537724, Trademe

Money well spent, I wasn’t really sure what to expect, as soon as I plugged my wah wah in when I got it, I noticed the immense difference immediately, don’t hesitate to get one of these mods, you wont be disappointed. Excellent service, fast, and friendly! A+++

— shine73 #298416052, Trademe

Fantastic trade – very pleased, great communication & technical advice, pleasure to deal with. Recommend to all

— tarnz999 #298814355, Trademe

Pedal sounds and works great,highly recomended to all.Cheers Dave

— weimy #291286425, Trademe

Awesome mod, super bright LED and doesn’t suck tone anymore. Cheers Dave!

— bmxer4 (#281718610), Trademe