Dexter Mods Ibanez SM-7 Smash Box ‘Hay Stack’ Mod

Ibanez SM-7 Smash Box

Ibanez SM-7 Smash Box

I’ve been modding the Ibanez Smash Box for a number of years now and have always been happy with the results of the Hay Stack mod.

The pedal is given a massive circuit upgrade to go from a one dimensional distortion to a powerful warm distortion sounding like a wall of cranked tube amps.

First the circuit is re-voiced to bring out more body and organic tube like warmth.

The limits on the circuit are removed to allow for maximum gain with the drive knob is set to full.

Lastly the clipping section is upgraded with higher quality components to allow for more output and a larger dynamic range which is the standard mod for these kind of pedals.

This pedal also comes with an extra bright blue L.E.D instead of stock red L.E.D and a brand new 9 volt battery.


This mod includes the following options FREE!!!

IC Socket Mod – IC Socket installed so that you can swap OP Amps without soldering.
Comes with 3 op amps, JRC4558D (installed), RC4558P (change via IC socket) & LM833 (lower noise, change via IC Socket). – worth $15.00

The mod is guaranteed and if there are any problems when you receive your pedal back simply return to me, I’ll service it, send it back and refund your shipping costs.

Questions are welcome but please check the Dexter Mods FAQ here first.

Sound Samples:


Recorded with a Fender 62 Relic Strat neck pick up, Orange Rocker Tube Combo amp on clean channel.

Take 1 Clean Fender then Stock SM7 then modded SM7



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