Detxer Mods Daphon E20DL ‘DM2’ Mod

Daphon E20DL Analog Delay Pedal

Daphon E20DL Analog Delay Pedal

This is a mod I am currently working on. I have sourced a few used Daphon E20DL delays and don’t like the sound too much. They are all a little different which points to low spec parts being used so the first thing would be to use better quailty components. Also the delay chip can be upgraded as well. Most of these pedals some with an IC socket so changing out the parts is easy, but they are not cheap.

Of course I’m spolied when it comes to analog delays as I have some very nice vintage ones in my collection so this mod is a ‘back burner’ job for now.

However there appears to be a way to vastly improve the Daphon so the challenge is there and I have ordered some parts and will get to work on it soon.

When there is some progress to report I’ll list an auction so keep an eye on my Trademe listings for news as this develops.