Dexter Mods Daphon E20GE ‘Peace & Quiet’ Mod

Daphon E20GE Equaliser Pedal

Daphon E20GE Equaliser Pedal

*This mod can also be done on the Boss GE-7 Equaliser Pedal

The Daphon E20GE is based on the old Boss GE-7 Equaliser. It even shares the same noisy characteristics of the Boss. Fixing these pedals was pioneered by a guy called Sniper and the old ‘Sniper Mod’ GE-7 were fantastic.

Sniper hung up his soldering iron a wee while ago but others have taken up the challenge of fixing a noisy EQ pedal and I decided to have a go at improving the Daphon.

The first thing the Dexter Mods Peace & Quiet mod does is take out the noisy op amps which are the main source of the background noise problem. I install new, quieter TL072 oe NE5332AP op amps and that takes care of most of the problem.

The cheaper film caps are also replaced with higher quality ones and we are nearly there. A few more subtle tweaks are made to the circuit to finish the job.

I also add a ‘Presence’ mod which greatly enhances the clean tone of this pedal and gives it a very Fender/Vox clean vibe.

Finally I put in an extra bright White LED and a brand new 9 volt battery.

The mod is guaranteed. If there are any problems when you receive the pedal simply return to me, I’ll service it, send it back and refund your shipping costs.

Questions are welcome but please check the Dexter Mods FAQ here first.