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Do It Yourself?

Do It Yourself?

While some guitarists are keen to get professional people to do guitar and effects maintenance I appreciate that many are keen and able to do their own. I’ve always been a bit of a Do It Your Selfer and it’s how I have learned the way to tweak pedal circuits. So with that in mind I have decided to put up a page of links where the DIY inclined guitar players can go to pick up tips to perform their own mods on their effects and guitars.

Bear in mind that once you delve into the DIY world it can become quite addictive and great fun, but also remember that something that is done well can look easy. DIY effects mods need special skills and the best advice I can give you is to start by modifying pedals that you have bought cheaply on Trademe or elsewhere rather than on your own everyday effects pedals. Once a pedal circuit is broken it can take many hours to debug and rectify. Kitsets are also a good place to start.

General DIY Skills (soldering, debugging etc)

General Electronic DIY Forums & Websites

DIY Pedal Mod Forums & Websites

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