Ibanez Mods

Ibanez Pedals

Ibanez Pedals

From the classic Tube Screamer through to the newer Tone Loc pedals the Ibanez range covers pretty much the entire ball park for guitarists.  The pedals are also highly modable and can be greatly improved with a few well aimed tweaks.

Most of the Ibanez range are well built and will last for decades. The Sound Tank series are plastic bodied, but I have several and the only problem I have encountered is the little switch that turns the effect off and on often fails. This is an easy repair and can be ordered from my SPARE PARTS PAGE.

Switches are also available for the Tone Loc series and the 9 series as well.

I have a large collection of Ibanez pedals and some are listed on my Vintage Pedal page.

On to the mods…

TS-5 Soundtank Tube Screamer

TS7 Tone Loc Tube Screamer

TS-9 Reissue Tube Screamer

TSx Fat Pak Mod

TSx High Gain Mod

DS-7 Tone Loc Distortion Mods

SM-7 Tone Loc Smash Box Mods

MS-10 Metal Screamer Mods